Why You Need DoFollow Links AND NoFollow Links

Why Do You Need Both “Nofollow” and “Dofollow” Links?

Surely DoFollow Backlinks are the most useful and the most valuable, right...?

Well, yeah... kind of... but read this to learn the REAL value of those NoFollow Links...

The difference between a nofollow and a dofollow back link is very important when you are undertaking any kind of SEO or linking strategy in order to improve your "link profile", get onto page one of Google's Free Search Results and cash in on those highly valuable and targeted Free Site Visitors...

When a webmaster or site owner builds a website they have the opportunity to decide which kind of links they will allow on their website.

They can either decide to make them "nofollow" or "dofollow"...

"Nofollow" means they do not want the search engine bots and spiders (that analyse websites) to follow the links AND treat them as a kind of recommendation from the orginal site.

If they make thir links "dofollow" then they are inviting them to follow the links and treat them as a recommendation.

The default is normaly "do follow" so if you see a site is using "no follow" links it's usually because the site owner wants it that way.

You can check the choices made by the webmaster or website owner by viewing the page source on your web browser.

So why would a webmaster use a nofollow link?

1. The greatest use of the nofollow link is by blog owners.

They are well aware that blogs often attract a ton of very low quality "spam" comments.

Many blog owners want meaningful comments placed on their site, so to avoid spam comments they don't offer a dofollow link.

(Most spam comments are made by people looking for valuable dofollow links so when the option of a dofollow link is removed, many spammers don't even bother commenting)

2. Sites offering paid links regularly set them up as nofollow backlink.

Some popular sites sell space on one or all of their pages, allowing people to place a link to their site in exchange for money.

A "dofollow" link from a popular site to yours can be very valuable for many reasons.

It attracts more visitors to your site and it can seem to Google as a "recommendation" = it improves your link profile which can move you closer to page one of the free results.

In theory Google does not allow the sale of paid links with the sole purpose of manipulating it's Free Search Results.

For this reason most sites will sell you a "nofollow" link = more visitors to your site (via the link) but no reward from Google as "nofollow" links DO NOT work as a recommendation, DO NOT create "link juice" and DO NOT get you closer to page one of the free search results.

However, the major reason most sites don't sell "dofollow" backlinks is NOT because Google doesn't allow it.

The REAL reason is that if search engines see too many "dofollow" outward links from a "quality" site they may penalize the host site by dropping it from the rankings.... and no site wants that.

3. Major sites with high Page Rank (PR) often only provide nofollow backlinks.

They are aware of the kudos and value of their links and want payment for any backlink provided.

So are nofollow links of any use?

Well, yes, they are.

While dofollow backlinks obviously give you some link juice and help you in the search engine ratings, a nofollow backlink also gives you the following advantages:

1. Some great referral traffic.

Not everyone clicks on a link to get to a site.  In fact the practice is dying out a bit in these times of phishing sites and phony links.

Some people look at a site name and then copy and paste the name into a Google search.

A visit to your site is a visit to your site and one from a determined visitor can be very valuable to you.

2. An increase in your branding.

Getting your name onto a highly regarded site increases the prestige of your site or brand.

That is why people pay money for links – even nofollow back links.

3. The major search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing actually FOLLOW the nofollow backlinks.

Yes, really.

The only difference is that they DO NOT pass on the linkjuice or PageRank from the site that is linking to you.

Note: Bing may or may not follow a nofollow link but will exclude the link from its ranking calculations.

What This Means To You

This means if you want your new site to be indexed by all the search engines, even a nofollow backlink has a value to you.

A nofollow back link may not be as valuable in a SEO linking strategy but it still has value.

Backlinks - Conclusion

A lot of people have the wrong impression about 'nofollow' backlinks.

Although they are technically less valuable than regular 'dofollow' links, they can get bring you prestige and SITE VISTORS which is why people create backlinks in the first place...

You actually NEED 'nofollow' backlinks for google to consider the linking to your site to be 'natural'...

If your site has a hundred back links and too few of them are 'nofollow', this looks unnatural and unlikely, suggesting you have created the links yourself.

Google will then penalise you for falsely creating 'link juice' to your site...

'Nofollow'  links are for this reason VERY valuable and an important part of your link profile and backlinking strategy.

If you want to get to the REAL money and benefit from the masses of Free Traffic Google and the other search engines can give you, you need a BALANCE.

Yes, get those quality links, get those 'do follow' links, snap up those hard to find but incredibly valuable edu links...

But don't forget to get a few 'nofollow' links along the way.

They will help you show Google that your link profile (the linking to your site) is REAL and natural, which is what Google wants.

Do this and Google will reward you time and time again :)

To Your Success


PS On the subject of edu links, I have been doing some testing of the power of eduational links on Search Engine Results.

The first signs are very impressive. I'll post the results here soon...

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autonmike said:

Hopefully I've covered the main points of backlinking so that most people will be able to understand the main principles.

Like anything, practice makes perfect.

My latest software Mass Cash Coverup is designed to get you onto page one of Google without having to understand all of this.

Very soon I hope to have even more help for those of you who understand the value of Free Traffic but need a little help getting it :)

Mike Auton
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February 12, 2011
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Frank Sajdak said:

Thanks Mike. Well written. I came to your site because of some confussion on nofollow. You cleared it up very well.
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April 01, 2011
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Thiago said:

Hello Mike thanks for the advice. Very interesting analysis. Now I have a better understanding of the subject.

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April 25, 2011
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essaydean said:

This would be one of the great post that i have ever read because i don't have much knowledge about nofollow and dofollow links before reading that,but now i am quite familiar with it.
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May 28, 2011
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nifty future said:

I don't had much knowledge about do follow and no follow links before reading this article.I was confused but I am well familiar with it.
Thanks for sharing it.
Jone Parker
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July 19, 2011
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Charles said:

Hi there, thanks for the valuable info. For a really long time I ignored trying to get nofollow links, but it makes perfect sense that you need them. In makes sense that Google would be very suspicious if you only had dofollow links.
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August 21, 2011
Votes: +1

Free SEO Analysis Report said:

It's been really great going through your blog post, very well informed and described. Great to read and know more about such kind of stuff.
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September 10, 2011
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Bangla Choti said:

very nice post . Thanks for writing.
I would like to buy some dofollow links. I search in google but no reliable result comes. From where i can buy some dofollow links ?
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December 03, 2011
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autonmike said:

buying links is usually not a great idea as you tend to get too many too quick which google will penalise you for.

my latest software makes links for you and we show you how often to use it to avoid being penalised:

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December 04, 2011
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