How to Blog for Money

You're looking to make some money online...

And you've heard that blogging can make good money...

But how can YOU do it...?

How can you blog for MONEY...?

A Quick Background To Blogging For Money...

When blogging first became popular on the internet a blog was a personal diary or details of a business...

It took a few years for most affiliates to consider blogs as a source of INCOME...

But now LOTS of people are making money online with blogging.


google love

Why Does Google LOVE Blogs...?

Major search engines love blogs because they have ever changing pages on them.

Visitors love them because they can keep coming back for more information.

There are some major blogs that have millions of followers and many more that make the blog owner a comfortable living.

So How Can You Join This Group Of Profiting Internet Marketers?

Well the first thing you need to do is think of a great niche that you are able to regularly write about.

You need to find a subject that will be interesting to a reasonable audience of people as well one that you can sustain over a period of time.


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How To Blog For Money

Setting up a blog is quite easy nowadays and companies such as WordPress can provide you with thousands of themes (designs) to choose from.

WordPress also has a considerable number of plugins that will make your blog much more attractive and easier to promote and make money from.

There are plugins that can help you monetise your blog with products from such sites as eBay and Amazon.

There are also themes that will provide you with sidebars on your site where you can advertise products, mailing lists and special offers.

These can be changed on a regular or random basis or stay constant for the whole of the site.

Slightly more advanced techniques are adding your own banners or contextual links (like that one) that point to your own "money site"...

...or to somebody else's website.

Most "newbies" will prefer to link to a site or product run by somebody else in exchange for commissions.

Product creation can take time and effort but promoting a popular product can be very quick and easy...

Click the next link to learn more about making money promoting Clickbank products...

Where Can I Get CONTENT For My Blog...?

Content for your blog can come from:

* Your own writing

* Blog articles you have commissioned to be written (using outsourcing web sites such as elance, guru and rentacoder)

* PLR that you change or leave "as-is"

* Articles from other contributors

* Comments on your blog posts (placed by your site visitors)

How To Make Money Online With Blogging

These are three classic ways to monetise your blog:

1. The side bars, headers of footers of your blog pages.

Here you can add banners, text links (or use plugins) to advertise RELEVANT and RELATED products in exchange for COMMISSIONS...

2. The blog articles themselves.

These can be review articles or articles about a RELEVANT topic - they can act as kind of "infomercial" or "flog"...

In other words, the whole article is designed to SELL the reader a product...

Throughout the article you can add text links to the product you want your site visitors to buy.

3. Your comments section on your own blog.

It's your blog, so fell free to comment on your OWN articles...

And here's NOTHING to stop you adding a sneaky affiliate link in your comment...

Blogging for Money - Quick Recap

Once you have chosen a product to sell, whether it be your own or an affiliate product...

And once you've ingested the information in this article on how to blog for money...

Go ahead and set up a blog and make money online with blogging.


I've been making BIG money from blogging for many years now...

The above advice is a good intro into the traditional way to blog for money...


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autonmike said:

there are 1001 ways to make money from blogging but the above info is a pretty good introduction...

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November 08, 2011
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