How To Get High Quality Followers on Twitter

You've opened a Twitter account and you've got a few followers but be honest...

Has it really made ANY difference...?

What you really want to know is how to get HIGH QUALITY followers on Twitter.

The kind that make you MONEY...

Here's how:

Top 10 Tips to Help You Get HIGH QUALITY Followers on Twitter.

Get High Quality Twitter Followers - Tip 1:

Use an appealing photo for your Twitter Profile - get the face just right.

You want an interesting, straight look into the lens, with an honest face.

A square photo is often the most appealing.

Make it full size and let Twitter shrink it to fit.

That way, when people click on your photo or avatar, a full size version can be seen.

(like my twitter profile photo)

Get High Quality Twitter Followers - Tip 2:

Write an interesting and informative Twitter Bio.

People do not like to follow boring people or ones that cannot be bothered to make the effort to join properly.

Put in mostly interests that are RELEVANT to the people you want to follow you.

This makes it MUCH easier for those with similar interests to find and follow you.

This is a great way to organically grow your quality followers.

Choosey, quality followers usually read the bio before they decide as to whether to follow you or not.

These are the quality Twitter followers that you WANT.

These guys are NOT spammers, they want useful INFORMATION and they often want to BUY.

Get High Quality Twitter Followers - Tip 3:

Use an non intrusive and non annoying background.

No one wants to look at a strobing or ugly background.

You may choose to use the ones supplied by Twitter but they easily recognizable and far from unique.

You can use one of them initially if your budget is tight...

But if you are serious about builing a brand, get a Twitter Background that reflects this and shows you are here to stay.

Get High Quality Twitter Followers - Tip 4:

Tweet to be followed.

Be interesting and a little provocative with your tweets.

Share details about your life that allow people to understand a little bit about you.

You don't need to go into great and embarrassing details but you do need people to want to get to know you.

Think soaps on the TV.  There is a reason that people follow them and get involved.

Tweet from your smart phone so that you increase your tweets in the easiest method.

This also encourages you to tweet as things happen, making things more personal.

Get High Quality Twitter Followers - Tip 5:

Post multi- media.

Put up interesting links.

Chase down the strange and provocative links that are likely to go viral.

You can find them on the news sites.  Look for news stories that are buzz worthy, thought provoking or just a little bit unusual.

Think of all those emails that used to quickly go round the world - those unusual and funny photos.

Well Twitter is the modern version of these.

Scour for sites that provide interesting data and material.

Get thought provoking quotes and tweet them every few days or so.

Look for interesting videos on YouTube and post links to them.

Get High Quality Twitter Followers - Tip 6:

Tweet and then retweet.

Look at how others retweet information and then retweet it yourself.

Find out which of your tweets were the most retweeted and repeat them and similar items - although allow a few hours until you do this - you do not want to become boring.

This retweeting will get those that are on a different time zone or schedule to yourself.

High Quality Twitter Followers - Tip 7:

Tweet RELEVANT info most of the time...

If your page is designed for people who want to lose weight, keep on this topic.

Give helpful tips and advice about THIS subject.

The occasional bit of info about yourself can make your page MORE appealing if done right...

But remember WHY people are following you !

Do they really want to know your every living thought or do they mostly want to know about, for example, weight loss.

Keep your tweets helpful, useful and RELEVANT ang you will attract more followers and KEEP the ones you already have !

High Quality Twitter Followers - Tip 8:

Use hashtags to connect people with similar interests to yourself

Here's an example tweet I did with a hashtag in it:



Put the hash tag NEXT to the word you want to attract attention to (with no space).

(This is a hashtag: #)

In my example I used Aweber as it was (and is) an important topic that people with my interests (internet marketing) would probably also find interesting.

If anyone did a Twitter search for 'Aweber' they may also stumble upon my tweet and decide to follow me.

hash tag


There are 'trending topics' on the right hand side of your Twitter page that can give you some idea of what is popular at the moment.

Using the Twitter hashtag allows you to categorize your messages and encourages NEW people to follow your profile.

Don't overuse them - once every 4 or 5 tweets is enough to build your following.

Get High Quality Twitter Followers - Tip 9:

Make liberal use of the 'Follow me on Twitter' little blue bird link on your blogs, web sites, Fan Pages etc. (as I have on this site).

Making 'follow me' links allows people that already follow your information to connect with you on Twitter.

This is a great way to build on existing relationships and grow your own high quality followers on Twitter.

Get High Quality Twitter Followers - Tip 10:

Be nice to your followers.

Follow everyone that follows you on Twitter - especially those that have the same interests.

Work hard to keep your existing followers by keeping your tweets interesting with few long breaks between tweets.

If you have not been around for some time, they may lose interest.


My experience with Twitter is that it's great for creating brand loyalty.

There is a LOT of junk on Twitter and not enough REAL content so if you go the opposite way, you will stand out for all the right reasons.

One great way I've found to use Twitter is to post useful, relevant tips and advice that actually HELP the reader.

Sync your tweets to your Facebook account to give users two ways of following your tweets.

And on your Facebook Page make sure you link to your 'money sites' frequently but in a not too aggressive way...

(A 'money site' is any site you own that sells a product - it could also be affiliate sites)

It's important to be nice and friendly when you use social media as you are building a RELATIONSHIP...

But you can still sell hard on your money sites :)

I've been selling products online for many years but also know what it's like to be a BUYER.

Buyers want help and they want to trust the person they're buying from has the skills to help them.

Tweeting a useful tip every day or two can be enough to reassure your potential buyers that you're the real deal and (most importantly) motivate them to buy from you again and again.

If you want to get HIGH QUALITY followers on Twitter who are much more likely to BUY your products or from your affiliate links (and why wouldn't you want this?)...

Go against the trend and tweet VALUE and CONTENT and you will gain a loyal fan base and many PROFITABLE Twitter Followers...

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autonmike said:

There are many way to profit from Twitter but it's always good to have a long term strategy...

These tips will help you build a loyal following that will continue to buy from you.

The nice part is they get great content from you and you make more money :)

It's win, win...
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July 08, 2011
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