How Twitter Works

You've heard about Twitter...

But you wonder HOW Twitter works and more importantly...

How you can use Twitter in your internet marketing?

What are the rules...?

And how do you successfully market your business without being BANNED or being considered a spammer...?

What IS Twitter?

Twitter is a social network where members send short messages of up to 140 characters to each other.

Think of it as a way to kind of "text" the world your thoughts, ideas and products... in real time.

One of the great things about Twitter is that members can send messages via their computers or smart phones.

Smart Phones have expanded the Twitter network and make it so easy to use.

Some of the top Twitter "Gurus" have millions of followers - although most have followers in the hundreds and thousands.

Think about that for a minute.

This means if you set things up right, you will have hundreds maybe even thousands of people who will receive your message.

Twitter is very much a social network...

So people receiving "buy now!" and "hurry quick" messages will soon disconnect from your Twitter network.

Your Twitter internet marketing needs to me much more subtle, informative and social.

As Twitter is easy and free to use, there are many mundane tweets (as messages are called) such as "just got in from the movies".

There are, however some real gems that can be found.

You can subscribe to NASA for example and get Tweets directly from space!


twitter page


You can follow your idols as well as your friends and of course get some great business information.

Tweets travel very fast and can be truly viral.

It is thought that much of the recent unrest in the world has been coordinated via social networks such as Twitter.

So how do you make Twitter work for your business?

Well start by getting yourself a good Twitter Name.

Many of the good ones have gone but there are still some good ones left if you give it a bit of thought.

Try and think of a descriptive name that suits your business and services.

The next thing you will notice when setting up your business is that you get a choice of Twitter Backgrounds.

Here is your chance to create a brand or look that will attract people who see your Twitter Page..

Get yourself a background that sets out your market stall.

There is not too much space but you can still add a great image surrounding your tweets that includes your brand image or just a cool picture that is RELEVANT to you or your product.


twitter background


If this is a bit beyond you, you can get some great templates online or a custom made background from a designer on Fiverr (the cost is ALWAYS five dollars), Guru or Elance (these last two are harder to set up and more expensive but can get you very professional results).

I have had twitter background designs made for me in the past for about $75 but this one I'm using now is copied from a photo at ZERO cost!

So what's next on Twitter?

Now you need to find some "friends" to tweet to!

Twitter gives you a few ideas to start you off depending on the keywords you use when you create your Twitter Account.

And it allows you to do searches on areas that interest you or are relevant to your page.

Once you start following people, they will often follow you and then their followers may also follow you.

That is the beauty of the viral part of Twitter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: don't follow too many people too soon on Twitter.

It's hard to give an exact number but following no more than 50 - 70 people a day should keep you under Twitter's radar.

More than this and you could be seen as a "spammer" and have your twitter account closed.

If somebody doesn't follow you back after 4 days, you can unfollow them to keep roughly the same amount of people following you as you follow.

Twitter likes your numbers to be fairly equal so make sure you don't follow hundreds of people if none of them follow you.

Keep your tweets RELEVANT and USEFUL and you should get more and more followers.

So now you have the basics of how Twitter works you need to start sending sensible tweets yourself.

Get a Twitter app for your phone as well. It is a great way to begin sending tweets very easily.

Make sure that your tweets are interesting and informative:

You can send links to other web sites, photos, videos etc.

You can also retweet tweets that you have received.

Once you get the idea of how Twitter works, your social network will grow and you will start getting more and more "traffic" (website visitors).

As the number of your Twitter followers grows, so will the amount of people you can send to any of your websites or promotions.

Visit my Twitter Page (and maybe follow me) and you'll find a LOT of free and useful internet marketing tips and advice, plus the occasional personal detail and inspiring quote.

On occasion I promote a great product but on the whole the page is there to give free HELP my followers and build my brand = Mike Auton "Internet Marketing Expert".

Have a clear GOAL for your Twitter Page and use my page and the thousands of other Twitter Pages to guide you in your efforts.


This article is designed to give you a quick overview of how Twitter works and how to make a GOOD Twitter Page that people enjoy and come back to.

It's not the ONLY way to use Twitter but it's a good start :)

If you have your own website, you can use your Twitter Page to send people to it from your Tweets.

If you are an affiliate, you can give mostly free content with the occasional affiliate link to a RELEVANT product and make commissions from this.


Try to give at least 3 or 4 good quality "tweets" in between affiliate links or self promotional links in order to KEEP people reading your tweets!

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autonmike said:

there are many ways to profit from twitter - the methods in this article are great for brand building.

there will be more twitter ideas and tips VERY soon :)

Mike Auton
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May 16, 2011
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