Make Money Writing

Is writing really a good way to make money online...?

Can it give you the lifestyle and the freedom you're looking for...?

How To Make Money Writing

If there is one thing that you notice about the internet it is just how much information there is.

This data comes from people writing about their favourite subjects, their careers, life and businesses.

(Un)fortunately many people are not good at writing...

Which is where you can come in and make money writing.

The information we read online has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is often the thousands of people who make money creating it.

Many, who are good at what they do, make a decent living from writing articles, ebooks and web pages.

Behind all of these written documents is a writer and more often than not, that writer has been paid to produce this work.

Now factor in the need for ever changing information required so that web sites can get good search engine ranking...

And you have the need for thousands of article and blog writers.

So you see the need for people who can write good English using good grammar and spelling.

What Else Do You Need To Make Money From Writing?

Well some creativity is a good start as is a good understanding of how the internet works and what makes a good article that is well search engine optimised (SEO).

Let's start with articles, which is where most writers start.

Hop over to the major freelancing sites such as Get A Freelancer, elance and guru and you will see that most of the article requests ask for:

* A certain length - usually 400 - 550 words

* Optimized for certain key words - this means they must be mentioned at the start and end of the article and with a density of less than 2%

* Natural American English writer - it helps if it is a major language that you speak

* Good grammar and spelling so that the article reads well

* Copyright free - which means that you don't get to own the article or put your name on it at all, which is common when writing for others

* Free from copying - which means you must be able to write from your own research and abilities

NOTE: Copying will get you banned very quickly and NOT paid.

Also be aware not to lose customers with shoddy or inappropriate work...


Make Money Writing


So How Do You Start To Make Money Writing?

Well you need an account with one of the big three web sites mentioned above with a good profile that mentions your strengths and experience. 

As you become more experienced people will leave you good feedback which will make it easier to find work.

There are two basic ways to write articles. 

Some people want quick articles and pay very little and some are prepared to wait a little more to receive a quality article that can be published in a magazine for example.

The latter pay more but are much more demanding about the quality of your work.

Once you decide what kind of articles you want to write you can bid accordingly. 

Rates are from $2 - $8 an article for the former type and $12- $40 an article for the latter. 

You should think that you will spend from 20 minutes to 2 hours researching and writing an article.

The time depends on the subject matter and how quick you can gather information. 

You will find that many customers want articles that are a little different and expect you to spend time researching the subject. 

Of course you might be lucky and be able to write on the subject with little research.

Most projects are for articles in bunches of 10, so you should budget your costs and time accordingly.

You then put your bid in for the projects that interest you. 

It helps if you have samples of your work to attach to your proposal as this shows people the kind of work that you are capable of.

The better writers are already published so you might like to get together a portfolio of articles before you venture into working for others.

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autonmike said:

when i was starting out and struggling to make money online, i made sure i had enough cash behind me to make it possible to keep learning about internet marketing...

you gotta pay those bills and this is a pretty simple way of doing it...

you're not gonna get rich maybe but it should bring in some much needed cash.

Mike Auton
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December 08, 2011
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