Marketing On Twitter

Is marketing on Twitter possible...?

Can you make MONEY from it...?

HOW do you do it...?

HOW to Market on Twitter (and Not Get Banned)

If you are an internet marketer or a Twitter user I am sure that you have wondered about using Twitter for internet marketing.

Twitter CAN be used for marketing BUT...

You can also quickly find yourself un-friended or even banned if you are not careful and "spam" people.

So what is the correct method of marketing on Twitter?

Well first of all you need to remember that Twitter is above all a social networking site...

People want to learn about what their friends are doing as well as find out what if going on in the world generally.

If you remember this then you have the core of a good internet marketing strategy.

The first limit you will come across is the 140 character limit.

This means that you have to be inventive about how you tweet.

The best way around this is to tweet links to your web site, blog posts, videos and photos.

Remember the social aspect of the Twitter and be informative.

Blogs are ideal for this.

There are even Wordpress apps that will allow you to Tweet every time you put up a new post.

It works the other way as well - you can post your tweets in a side bar on your blog. (see bottom left of this page as an example)

This is a great way to get your blog readers interested in your tweets and vice versa.

Make sure you get an up to date app because Twitter changed their API late 2010!

So now you have your blog and Twitter linked to each other so why not do the same with your article posting.

EzineArticles and other major sites have apps that will allow you to post to your Twitter account whenever you add a new article.

Go one step further and do the same with your videos.

YouTube has a Twitter share option as well.

Not automatic, but activate it every time you add a new video.

Lastly put a Tweet Me button on your web site.

You should find the details under the support section of the Twitter account but if you have a Wordpress Site, you can use this Tweet Me Plugin.

How to NOT Get Banned By Twitter

There is some Twitter etiquette that you need to follow with your tweets when you are using Twitter for internet marketing.

Always engage with your followers - be friendly and informative and never spam.

There is no need for text talk either, even thought there is the 140 character limit.

Make your tweets easy to read or they will be ignored.

New potential followers will mostly look at the most recent page of your Twitter Account before they decide to follow you or not.

So keep this in mind when posting - and don't spam or annoy!

If someone asks you a question then reply to it.

If someone re-tweets your tweets, then of, course you should be thanking them and maybe return the compliment by re-tweeting some of their tweets.

Never tweet offensive or libelous items - you may have followers of a more sensitive nature and it will probably get you banned or even sued!

Remember to NOT just keep putting up promotional (affiliate) tweets...

At least half and preferably more should be informational and of interest to your followers.

Spammers get banned and/ or de-friended remember!

Using Twitter in your internet marketing is a great part of your marketing strategy and using it properly will pay off.

Twitter is a long term strategy that can grow your traffic and your following considerably over time...

So be informative, friendly and polite and your Twitter followers will grow.


BTW - The above methods are for marketing on Twitter for the long term.

There are other less conventional uses of Twitter that can get very fast and profitable results.

Click the link to find out more about these unconventional marketing tools...

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autonmike said:

Hope you enjoy the posts on how to use Twitter effectively and profitably...

More to come!

Mike Auton
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May 23, 2011
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