Create the PERFECT Twitter Profile

You've opened a Twitter account...

You're ready to profit from the MILLIONS of users...

But you miss out the MOST IMPORTANT detail: Your Twitter Profile

How to Create the PERFECT Twitter Profile - Top 10 Tips


Your Twitter profile is your introduction to new followers as well as a great way to put yourself on the internet map.

So here are a few tips to follow.

Perfect Twitter Profile - Tip 1:

Use your REAL name or your REAL business name.

This allows you to tie your Twitter account to your Facebook, LinkedIn and other social accounts such as Flickr.

It is also a great way to create your own personal brand on the internet.

Perfect Twitter Profile - Tip 2:

Use your REAL picture so that people can connect to you as a person.

Twitter is a person to person social network.

A simple headshot is fine, as a full length picture is less personal and will not show enough of your face.

You picture is your identity and how people remember you.

twitter profile

Perfect Twitter Profile - Tip 3:

Put some PERSONALITY into your bio...

Once again, people want to connect with a person with a REAL life.

So project this in your bio by making it personal and warm.

Try and become a REAL person as opposed to looking like a business trying to sell things.

This makes you much more approachable and will encourage people to follow you.


twitter bio

Perfect Twitter Profile - Tip 4:

Google is fond of Twitter and rightly believes that it is a quality site, so it visits it often.

So your Twitter profile WILL show up in Google search results.

Sometimes Google goes to the Twitter profile so use as many RELEVANT keywords as possible when setting it up.

One way of doing this is to create a natural list of your specialties, products and services that are RELEVANT to your 'brand'.

Perfect Twitter Profile - Tip 5:

Include a URL to your web site or blog in your bio.

It makes you feel more available and established on the internet.  It is also a great sales pitch.


link to site or blog


Perfect Twitter Profile - Tip 6:

Get yourself a custom background that carries your brand, maybe a product and contact details.

Make it not too intrusive and ensure that it is pleasant to view and memorable.

Perfect Twitter Profile - Tip 7:

The lists that you create in your profile are another good SEO opportunity within your Twitter profile.

When creating your list of Twitter users, use those with RELEVANT keywords in the titles.

Perfect Twitter Profile - Tip 8:

Do not protect your updates.

The whole reason to be on Twitter is to share what is going on with the Twitter community.

Perfect Twitter Profile - Tip 9:

Grow organically.

People who buy lots of Twitter followers and follow few people are suspected of being spammers.

Serious and quality Twitter followers will not follow you if you do this.

Similarly people with lots of followers and few tweets are also suspect.

Perfect Twitter Profile - Tip 10:

Make sure that when people come to your Twitter Page they see many varied, well spelt tweets that are posted naturally and often.

Twitter is a community and people want to follow those that join in - not people who want to spam!

When you strive to create the perfect Twitter profile for building a BRAND, it is important to be friendly, professional and part of the community.


These tips are VERY relevant if you are looking to create a 'brand' that people will WANT to identify with and BUY from...

For these 'white hat' purposes, it is VERY important to get your profile spot on...


There are other less conventional uses of Twitter that can get very fast and profitable results.

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autonmike said:

Hope you enjoy the tips - they've helped me build a very successful 'brand' using just my own name... follow the advice to do the same :)

Mike Auton
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May 29, 2011
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