Outsourcing - How to Hire The BEST

You've made the BIG decision...

One that can seriously boost your PROFITS...

You've decided to outsource some necessary but time consuming work...

Here's how to make sure you get the BEST:

Hire The BEST - Tip 1:

Look for examples and references...

When you post a project on outsourcing web sites such as elance, guru and rentacoder you are sometimes going to get a LOT of bids...

Sadly many of these will be template responses from people who have not even read the project details.

Such is the competition for some roles such as article writing, graphics and web design that many outsourcers just plug in a standard answer.

Always ask for samples or links to work done.

Hire The BEST - Tip 2:

Review each proposal in great detail.

Check the samples and work that they have said they have produced.

Look for a freelancer with good feedback and obviously stay away from someone that has had problems.

Obviously you can still consider someone new to the bidding process (with no references) as long as they have good proven samples of RELEVANT work they've done.

Hire The BEST - Tip 3:

The cheapest quote is not always the best one.

Often people from some countries, where the cost of living is cheaper can quote low.

Unfortunately this sometimes comes with language problems - although many are well educated and speak very good English.

Those with very high prices are often inexperienced and have bid too high, have a poor grasp of what is required or are plainly too expensive.

The cheap quotes similarly may not understand all that is entailed or will work very quickly and not very attentively because there is not much profit in the work.

Many experienced outsourcers tend to discard the highest and the lowest bids.

You are best to look for a clear understanding of what is required, coupled with a reasonable price for the work to be done.

As you become more experienced with reviewing quotes, you can soon spot the poorly judged and the outright opportunist ones.

Hire The BEST - Tip 4:

Start small with your expectations and the project size.

Most experienced outsourcers want to build a relationship with you so are happy to undertake a small project with the anticipation that you will re-hire them for more similar work.

Starting small also makes it easier for you to control the project as well as explain what is required to your new recruit.

Hire The BEST - Tip 5:

Get everything in writing.

The big outsourcing web sites offer standard project plans to assist you with this.

You need to define and get agreement to the following:

* Exactly what is required to be done.

* When the start and finish dates are.

* What the payment terms are.

* What has to be done before any payment will be made. Beware of requests for large deposits, although for large and long projects it is quite reasonable for a request to be made.

* What the finished project will look like, what it will include.

* Who is responsible for what costs. This is particularly important if you are requiring graphical work where photos may need to be purchased.

* Who owns what at the end of it.

* Lastly the tax situation - the Americans call it "work for hire" and the Europeans "contracting".  Whatever the term is they must know that you are outsourcing projects to them, not employing them with all the tax and legal obligations.

Outsourcing is a skill that you can develop and improve over time...

It can save you a TON of time and hard work but it pays to spend quite a bit of time hiring the right person or team at the beginning of the process.

Time invested wisely at the early stages making sure you have the right outsourcee for YOU can save you a lot of money and make life easier for you for many months and years...

Once you hire the right person, you may end up working with them again and again (as I have).

Invest time at the beginning to save a LOT of time in the long run...

And of course the more you outsource low profit (but necessary) tasks, the more you can focus on the taks that make you the BIG money...

Outsourcing the best is an important strategy in increasing your profits and improving your quality of life.

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