Why Outsource…? Top 5 Tips To Success

Working too hard…? 

Wish you could earn more…?

Surprisingly, the solution can be simple:

Get Someone Else To Do It For You…

Have you thought about getting someone else to help you…?

But not sure if it would work out…? 

Not sure if you can justify the costs…?

Well, it took me a few years to learn the value (and profitability) of outsourcing but now I do it all the time…

So, why outsource…?

A lesson I learned the hard way is that you can't do EVERYTHING…

The simple truth is that many of the tasks you perform on a daily basis are not making you enough (or any) money…

Obviously the first solution is to cut out the tasks you don't need to do COMPLETELY… (see my article on time management)

But once you've defined the tasks that somebody else CAN do for you…

You're going to need to get the RIGHT person at the right price.


Think of it like this:

You make an average of $20 an hour writing articles (or whatever)…

And spend 2 hours a day building a twitter and Facebook following as part of your marketing strategy…

Consider how much it would cost to pay someone else to do your social networking (or whatever) for you…

It may be as low as $2 an hour but even $5 an hour is 75% less than your $20 average earnings…

Many of the jobs we all do are LOW SKILL and time draining…

They actually STOP us from making more money...

The solution, therefore is to pay somebody else to do them for us.

Tips for Outsourcing Success.

Well first of all if you do not find the right kind of person, you will be out of pocket, stressed and probably doing more work than you did before you got your "help"…

It's highly important to choose well and manage your resources properly.

Outsourcing Tip 1:

Decide what kind of help you want and for what reason. 

If graphics is not your kind of thing then look for a graphical designer.

If setting up web sites or blogs takes up too much of your time, then you may benefit from a web designer. 

Similarly if you really get bored with part of your internet marketing then that's the task you may want to outsource.

Outsource Tip 2:

Define VERY clearly what you want to be done…

If you don't know what you need doing, you can bet your new employee also won't…

It is best to do this with bullet points.

1) How often

2) Where

3) When

Remember that the person you hire might not have English as their first language…

So use simple, easy to understand, short sentences.

Be clear, precise and to the point. 

Read your instructions back to yourself:

Imagine a man from Mars reading them: are they "dummy proof"…?

Outsource Tip 3:

Decide how you are going to measure the SUCCESS of any particular task.

Your outsourcer will want paying (obviously) and you will want to pay based on results.

So define what you want doing, what the end result will look like and how much each task will be worth to you. 

This is a good way to measure how much profit you will make from each end product.

Or it will help you measure how much time (and money) you will have saved… also hugely beneficial to you.

Outsource Tip 4:

Decide how you will pay your outsourcee. 

  • Do you want to pay on success, for example per sales lead, twitter follower or Facebook friend?
  • Do you prefer to pay for a finished product, for example a web site or a logo?
  • Or do you wish to pay per day or month?

The last option is much more problematic as you can never be sure how much work someone will do in a month or a day.

Remember your outsource resource will probably be working away from you, often in another country and time zone!

You also need to decide which format and currency your outsource person will be paid in. 

PayPal is the usual format, beware of Western Union and similar, not only are they expensive but there are a lot of problems in verifying that the payment has been correctly received.

If you pay via an outsourcing web site or agency, they may have their required payment methods. 

Which brings us to the last tip…

Outsource Tip 5:

Look in the right place for your outsourcing person. 

There are sites such as elance, guru, rentacoder etc, all of which have their own particular strengths, costs and methods of finding people. 

If you want a coder, then rentacoder is the place to look…

If you want an article writer or web designer then guru or elance are probably better.

Many people user Fiverr for small jobs very successfully.

Craigslist can sometimes be a good place to find low cost help - though results can vary dramatically.

My personal tip for Virtual Assistants is onlinejobs.ph - it took me quite a long interview process to find the right guy but I have a highly skilled assistant at a VERY competitive rate.

(The Philippines has many skilled workers who are happy to be paid very competitively - as the cost of living is less, they can often afford to charge less than someone in the US or UK for example)

The best way is to try these places out and be prepared for the first few times you hire someone to be tricky…

Outsourcing is a skill in itself so be patient with you and your success…

You may not get it right the first few times but that's no reason to stop.

The maths is simple: if you can do a task and earn $20 an hour, then outsource as much as possible that doesn't make you this amount…

Plus if you find something hard (such as web design), it makes sense to get some help.

In the vast majority of cases, you are employing someone for a TASK = you are not their official employer.

This means you have none of the headaches and costs associated with hiring someone full time = health insurance, pensions etc.

You simply pay for a task to be completed to your satisfaction.


Why outsource…?

Because it can save you time and make you MONEY.

  1. Define the tasks you can't do well or that don't make you enough money.
  2. Clearly explain them to your new "employee"
  3. Set clear and measurable goals.
  4. Get what you want at a cost that is acceptable to YOU.

If you are looking to outsource part of your business, the above tips for outsourcing success should find you the best resource for the work that you want completed…

In the near future I'll post an article on how to find the best person for YOUR needs…

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autonmike said:

The above tips apply to ANYONE in any area of business and work not just internet marketing...

If you are making good money doing one task and a lot less doing another, consider outsourcing the lesser paid task.

If you aren't good at a skill also consider outsourcing...

Only outsource tasks that are WORTHWHILE = help you in some way

Once you pinpoint a task that takes too much time or can be done by someone else, follow the advice above :)

Outsourcing isn't for everyone but at least give it some careful thought.

Free time is VERY valuable in itself...

Mike Auton
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June 26, 2011
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