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You might be wondering how it’s possible to write articles, or for that matter an entire book, without typing a word.

Well, this is a pretty good example of how you can do that.

At this moment I am walking on the beach in my adopted country, Portugal.

It’s a beautiful day.

I’m walking along the beachfront on the promenade, beautiful views, waves, sun, sand, and sea.


Not a bad view from my “office”


My “hi-tech” equipment


As I’m walking along, I’m recording this on my iPhone.

I’m wearing a pair of BeatsX Wireless Headphones, the ones with the microphone built-in.


write articles with your phone!

BeatsX Wireless Headphones


I’m on an iPhone, using Voice Memos to record this content.


voice memo app

The Voice Memos App


I’m walking and everything that I’m saying I’m going to have transcribed.

What do I do once I’ve got my recording?


Then after it’s been typed, I’m going to have it sent to an editor who will write articles for me!

Once that’s all done  – without me typing a word – it’ll be sent to me, and I’m going to paste the finished article into this page here.

That is how you can write articles without typing a single word.

You could even do an entire book the same way if you wanted.

The point is the whole process is pretty simple, and the benefits are many.


Write articles and keep fit at the same time!


While I am “writing” AKA ‘speaking’ this article, I’m actually exercising.


So, I’m being productive – getting my work done.

I’m creating… and I’m keeping fit!


Mike Auton

Have headphones and I’m ready to roll!


Hopefully creating value and at the same time that I’m exercising.

Isn’t that amazing?

Apart from that, I’m outside, enjoying the sun.

I’m in the fresh air.

I’m not stuck on a computer while I write articles.


Chase away those computer blues!


computer frustration

It’s good to take a break from time to time!


If you’re like most people I know who work online, we spend most of our time sitting at the computer.

It’s not particularly glamorous.

We just sit at the computer, often in an office, sometimes in the bedroom, maybe at the dinner table, and we just type away.

We spend too many hours a day sat down at a computer

and it’s just not healthy!

Right now, that’s not what I’m doing.

I am walking along this beautiful promenade in the Lisbon area where I live.

It’s an absolutely beautiful day.

It’s delightful and you can do it, too.


The Services I Use


The service that I use for transcription is is called Rev.com and it’s going to cost about a dollar a minute to create the Word document.

They have a pretty quick turnaround.

I think if you have audio with less than something like 20 or 30 minutes of content,

you’ll get that Word document delivered to you within one day.

If it’s less than 20 or 30 minutes, it’s also probably going to be very quick to edit.



This article cost me 12 bucks to transcribe


Another thing you can do to avoid having any extra work is to get that edited somewhere like Fiverr.com.

Type in ‘proofread and edit.’ and you’ll find a bunch of people who can edit your article, or your book even, and get it edited to hopefully a high standard and have it sent back to you.

Of course, you might be thinking to yourself, “Well, I could just type all this much quicker than I can speak it.

Then I have to go along and get it transcribed, and then I’ve got to get it edited.

Wouldn’t it be quicker if I just write articles myself?”

Maybe. Probably, if it’s short.


Time Management

Sometimes you have to take a little time today to save time tomorrow


Time Management


However, let’s think about this from a time management point of view.

If for example, you are creating lots of content.

Let’s say every day, every week, every month you’re creating several hours-worth of new content – you’re constantly writing articles.

That’s quite a lot of time sat down at your computer.

Now, you could do what I’m doing right now.

If it’s something you feel very comfortable about, and that you don’t need to refer to any written notes, and you don’t need to be sat behind a desk, you could be out there enjoying life.


Nature or the office?


I chose the great outdoors!

I mean, I’m out here now looking at all the beautiful people, enjoying the beautiful weather when I could be sat behind my computer.

Which do I prefer?

I prefer to be out here walking than having to write articles in my office.

There’s different ways of looking at it.

It also depends on your learning style.

Now, I must admit my preferred technique when it comes to writing… is actually writing.

I enjoy writing, but I know that many, many people don’t enjoy writing.


Why put yourself through something you don’t enjoy?

If you are an expert in your particular area of service or the product that you’re selling, then you should be able to talk about it without checking your notes.


That’s what experts are able to do, right?

Just imagine you’re having a conversation with a fellow colleague.

You can talk about your subject without looking at a bunch of notes – right?


The whole process of writing an article doesn’t have to be difficult.


If you’re not a gifted, talented writer, and if you don’t love the process of writing, then don’t write!


Simply speak into a microphone – either sat down looking at notes, or like me just enjoying a walk at the same time.

Then have it transcribed, and get it professionally edited for a pretty small amount, on services such as Fiverr.com, and you’re done.

You don’t need to type anything to “write” articles.

You can choose to speak into a microphone.

Hopefully, this has helped you.

I’m going to keep on enjoying my time out here in the sun.


It’s taken eight and a half minutes to “write” this article which is pretty fast!


Finding the right freelancer


Finding a good freelancer can take time but it’s worth it


Oh, yes : one additional note to the end of this article is finding the right people, finding freelancers on any type of service, such as Fiverr.com or Upwork.com can be difficult.

It’s a process, and it’s usually a process of trial and error.

The first person that you hire might not be brilliant.

They might be okay, they might be amazing, but they might not be.

The second person might not be either.


But by the time you’ve hired two, three, four, five people, you will have

probably found “the” person that is good for you.


And trust me, in terms of your productivity, in terms of your time management, finding someone who can do a service for you well, and often, at a good price, on Fiverr and Upwork is worth your time.

It will most likely cost you time at the start, and it will probably take you time to find the right person.

But it’s worth it.

If this is something that will save you time and effort, over time, you should be doing it.

Take the time to find the right person and let them write articles for you!

What to do next?



Unfortunately, I can’t make you any personal recommendations.

And that’s partly because if I did so, thousands of people would start using the people that I use, and then they would no longer be a useful asset to anybody because they just wouldn’t have enough time to do the job properly.

So, take the time to find the right person, or people, who you know you can get in touch with and say, “Look, I need this article editing, can you do it for me in the next 24 hours?”

Or, “Can you do it for me as quickly as possible?”.

You’ll know their price, you’ll know their quality of work.

And once you’ve found that person, it then becomes a lot simpler, and you have more time to do the things you enjoy doing and/or make you the most money!


“Would You Like Me to Help You Increase Your Profits… For Free?”

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