Split Testing – The Key To Profiting Online

split testing

Split testing is easy.

Split testing makes you more money.

It can turn an “OK” advertising campaign into a KILLER.

And it can allow you to increase your profits day after day…

Month after month…

Year after year.

But do people do it…?



Your Competition Isn’t Doing Enough Split Testing


Of course, some savvy marketers and business people split test each and every day.

They “get it”.

They understand that split testing is possibly the most important element of profiting online.

But most people DON’T do it.

Or… they don’t do it ENOUGH.

Which is great…

For YOU.

double sales

Want to double your sales? Split testing could just get you there!


Because if you only take ONE course of action THIS MONTH…

This simple technique could quite conceivably double your website sales…

AND put you way ahead of your competition!

It’s that powerful.


The Value Of Split Testing To Your Business


But let’s say this measure “only” increases your sales by 10%

– how much would that be worth to you?

If your site is bringing in a million dollars a year, that’s an extra $100,000.



Want an extra hundred grand? Sure!


If it’s making $500,000 profit a year, that’s another $50,000.

All. For. Changing. Your. Headline.




Read on to find out how to do it quickly and easily…


Split Testing Options


There are a multitude of split test options on the market.

Optimizely.com is just one example of a “stand alone” solution.

And services such as Kartra.com has it bundled into a whole host of other cool options.

But, in most cases, whatever solution you run with is most likely going to be fine.

Just choose whatever feels good to you, is easiest for you to use and fits your budget.


Still not sure you should take this simple yet hugely powerful step?


Here are just a few quotes I copied from the optimizely site:

Not only did we generate 36% more online orders by testing multiple variants of our homepage against the original, we also extrapolated other key learnings from the results.

Marco Polo


Thanks to Optimizely, we tripled the revenue from our product over the

last 3 years. This would not have been possible without A/B testing.



Secret Escapes tested variations of their mobile signup pages, doubling conversion rates and increasing lifetime value.

Secret Escapes

OK, so you get the idea…

Doing this will almost certainly make you more MONEY.

So now, let’s move quickly onto the next section – how to do it:


How to Split Test


Again, I’ve taken an example from the optimizely website:



How A/B Testing Works


In an A/B test, you take a webpage and modify it to create a second version of the same page.

This change can be as simple as the text of your headline or on your call to action button.

Or it can be a complete redesign of the page.

Then, half of your traffic is shown the original version of the page (known as the control)…

And half are shown the modified version of the page (the variation).



Important Note:


When split testing, only make ONE change at a time.

For example, you could test two headlines:

Headline A:

Send Email Your Customers Can’t Ignore.


Headline B:

Email Delivery Reinvented.


The rest of your page should look EXACTLY the same.

Once you have your winning headline, you can then move on to our Call to Action Button(s).


Why We Do It This Way:



By only testing one element in each split test, you are able to pinpoint which language or visual element had the most effect on your website visitors’ behavior.

You can apply split tests to literally ANY element of your website…

But if you want the fastest results, look at these two elements first:


1) Headline

2) Call to Action Button(s)


I recommend no more than two Call to Action Buttons “above the fold” of your web page.

Some experts say having just one button is ideal, but there are many cases when two makes sense.

For example, Button 1 can get them to buy your product.

Button 2 can get them to test it out for free.


“Would You Like Me to Help You Increase Your Profits… For Free?”

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